Feels bad man

I went to an interview for this animator position around my way, and i didn’t get it, and it really sucks that i didn’t get it lol. I kinda knew this dude wasnt going to hire me though, you know how innately there are somethings you just know, well in that instance i knew i wasnt getting hired. Sometimes or more often than not i kinda regret going into this art thing because its not bearing any fruit, but i’d not only let myself down if i quit this drawing thing altogether but many others that believe in me, so i just got to pressing on you know, but getting rejected from everything you applied to…gets old real fast man.

Enyo Episode 1.5 In Production

BAMenyo fustratedenyooo


Whats up people, Enyo episode 1.5 is offically in production now, ive got a good voice cast that im really excited to introduce through little teaser trailers, anyways since the first episode of Enyo , alot of people have asked me am i gonna turn in into a series, and the answer is yes. It will take awhile since im doing frame by frame aniamtion with little to no tweens but i promise to put out a quality product this time, the storyboards are about 50% done then it’ll be on to layout and aniamtion


Stay Tuned !