The Final Cut

I just finished roughing out the final cut of my film, im so excited and happy that ive made it this far, i cant wait until i finish this because there are so many other things i want to animate, but this film has taken up a majority of my time 😦

Random doodles

I overthink alot when i draw, it gets to the point where i become very irate and cant even produce any drawings, I had this idea that every drawing needed to be a super beautiful illustration, and that’s definitely not the case. Drawing became less and less fun when i adopted that mentality so to change it i challenged myself to do doodles on a small notepad all in pen so i can learn to deal with my mistakes, and i kept it them all at 5mins so i wouldn’t have that much time to think, and this is the result lol , hope you like them because i hate them X^D